28 August 2015

Style Crush: Calum Hood

Style Crush: Calum Hood

Time Together
As much as I love the minimal chic look, I can't deny my love for band merch and all black everything. "One time I tried to marry a chicken." - Calum Hood

10 August 2015

On The Road Again: Pittsburgh

On The Road Again: Pittsburgh is definitely a highlight of 2015. Icona Pop performed. I admit that I was one of those people who were questioning 1D's judgement on opening acts. I will never again question them. Icona Pop was amazing. I was shocked. I only knew one song from them and after they were done performing, I became an instant fan. This is my second time seeing One Direction live. I can't wait for the next time they go on tour. While they are on their much deserved break, I will be enjoying their fifth  album "Made In The A.M." and secretly missing my faves.

Until next time,

All the love. xx


02 August 2015

At the end of July...

White Long Sleeve Blouse: Lush Clothing // Similar herehere
White Shorts: Lush Clothing // Similar here & here
As of the 25th of July, I am officially twenty one years of age! This year I decided to move out of my comfort zone and dress age appropriate. I'm so used to my teenage style that I didn't realize the beauty of age and the clothes that come with it. It's summer and it's super hot. Therefore, I went with a pair of white shorts and a blouse with a pair of Ankle Booties. I must say that I am blessed. My birthday consisted of two birthday parties. Both cakes were made by the bakers at Valencia bakery in Manhattan. Though the frosting is really sweet, the cake itself is delicious. I'm thankful for everything that was done to make my day special. I'm thankful for all the love and support I receive. My first order of business as a twenty one year old is to make breakfast. So, until next time, ciao! All the love. Darianne
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